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Cut Expenses By Renting a Cardboard or Plastic Baler for your Business

Need to Rent a Baler?

Did you know:

  • With the recent global downturn in paper recycling pricing, it is still cheaper to bale cardboard scrap than to put into a roll off or compactor.

  • Baling is still the more cost effective alternative to putting cardboard into a roll off or compactor

  • Our baler rent is only $240.00 per month, WE DO THE REPAIRS, and there are NO CONTRACTS

  • Roll offs and compactors require long term contracts. You will have a rent on the unit, pull charge and disposal charge.


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If baling was not the best way to go, Walmart, Target and grocery stores would find a better way

Still not sure if renting a Baler is your best option? Let us answer your questions!

Well I don’t have enough space for a Baler:

  • The footprint of a baler is about two pallets side by side.  Place it at a point of generation for maximum return of man hours.


I don’t have the power and it’s too expensive to run:

  • Balers are three phase units, 10 hp motors and either 230 volts or 460 volts. They use very little electricity verse the cost of a compactor.


Balers are dangerous:

  • All of our balers are just as the manufacturer designed them.  All have OSHA safety interlocks.  Running a baler is safer than driving to WAWA.


Who picks up your cardboard and plastic?

  •  Give us a call to pick up your cardboard and plastic!


If you have any other questions about renting a Baler we can get you the answers you need. So I ask you again, What are you waiting for? Rent a Baler now!

“Our company was going to install a compactor for cardboard, but after sitting down with Al and going through the numbers, it seemed foolish. Together we compared the monthly leasing fee from a garbage company, plus the pull charge, and then weighed that cost to the return of money for the cardboard. We saved ourselves a huge, ongoing, uncontrollable expense by going with balers from GreenCo Recycling!”

DG Aerospace Company

“Compacting seemed like the answer, but after we met with Al, we knew no thought had been given to the actual carrying time from point of generation to the compactor. The compactor had to go at a dock door, which we really needed anyway and we figured that carrying the carts from point of generation to the compactor was a 10 minute round trip!  Then we saw what the lease fee was versus renting a baler from GreenCo and decided on baling which has worked out great for our company! ”

GS, Cosmetic Repackaging Company


SAVE Money

CUT Expenses

NO Contracts

√ We pick up the cardboard or plastic

√ Get started NOW

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