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We supply balers for cardboard and plastic. Be a part of the green initiative!

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PO Box 3009 Eustis, FL 32727-3009 


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M-F: 8am – 4pm

Call: (541) 931-3526

Been getting lousy service? You won’t from us!

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Do you own your own Baler?

We will pick up and pay 50% of the Pulp and Paper index. Minimum 8 bales are required for pickup.

Who picks up your cardboard and plastic?

Get the best recycling program for your plant, not a garbage company attempt at recycling. Call us to pick up your cardboard and plastic

What if I can't afford to purchase a Baler ?

You can get setup with no capital expenditure. FREE Baler with 5 tons or more of cardboard and plastic.

Are there maintenance expenses?

There are no maintenance hassles or expenses!

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